(Q)  How much do I charge to do your taxes?

(A)  It depends on the complexity of your return.

(Q)  How much extra does it cost to do a Refund Transfer with fee's deducted from my refund?

(A)  $76.00 plus tax preparation fee's

(Q)  Can I do Electronic Filing with a direct deposit, and not do a Refund Transfer and you take my fee's out of my refund?

(A)  No, you need to pay by cash or check at time of appointment.

(Q)  Are you taking any new clients?

(A)  Yes, but no new small businesses.

(Q)  What do I need to bring with me at time of appointment?

(A)  *All Income, W2's, 1099 misc forms, business income and expenses with bookkeeping. Social security 1099 *A Valid state or federal picture ID for both tax payers and a secondary ID if applying for a Refund Transfer.  * Security cards for everyone claimed on your tax return. *Your health insurance 1095 B form you received in the mail, showing all dependents and you had health insurance for tax year 2017. * If you had the Market Place Insurance, you need to bring your 1095 A form you received in the mail. *If new client, a copy of your 2016 Tax Return. *Date of birth for dependent's. *Prof of residency for dependents. *A email address if you have one. *Your physical address and a good contact phone number. *A voided check or deposit slip with banking information, if you want direct deposit. 

(Q)  What do I need if I want to do the long form (itemizing deductions)?

(A)  *Mortgage interest 1099 misc. statement *Real and personal property taxes paid in 2017  *Medical expenses paid in 2017 *Donations paid to a non profit organizations * Any employee expenses for looking for new job or moving *Travel expenses while working away from home temporary (documented) * Causality loses and insurance reimbursements *Gambling loses (documented) *Educational expenses *Investment expenses *these are the main things but there are other misc items we can discuss when you call for appointment. **Please mention at time of making appointment that you will be itemizing deductions or have a small business.

(Q)  Are you a notary

(A)   Yes, but I can notarize only your signature and you must have a valid ID present 

(Q)  Do I need to pay the day of my appointment?

(A)  Yes, unless you choose to apply for a Refund Transfer.

(Q)  Will you hold a post dated check?

(A)  No, I'm sorry but cannot.  I charge a $30.00 fee for a bad check, and must be pick up next day with cash only. 

(Q)  How old do I need to be if I want to do a Refund Transfer?

(A)  Both taxpayer's need to be 18 or older. 

(Q)  Can I use a P O address for a Refund Transfer?

(A)  No, you must have a physical address.

(Q)  Do you print the refund checks in your office?

(A)  Yes if you choose a Refund Transfer.

(Q)  Do I have to have your office print me a check of my refund?

(A)  No, you can choose to have your refund direct deposited into a checking or savings or have it mailed to you.

(Q)  Do I have to do a Refund Transfer?

(A)  No, you can have your return prepared and have your refund direct deposited into your checking or savings or have it mailed to you you by the US postal service.

(Q)  Do I have to have my tax return filed electronic?

(A)  Yes,  if I prepare your tax return, unless it cannot be filed electronic by the IRS rules. You can choose to file a paper return for yourself and mail it.

(Q)  Do you prepare out of State tax returns?

(A)  Yes, I can prepare any State tax return, but there is a extra charge for a out of State tax returns. 

(Q)  Do you included the Residency State tax return in your price with the Federal return?

(A)  Yes, but any non residence tax returns will be extra.

(Q)  What kind of primary identification cards do I need?

(A)  US Citizen - *Valid Federal or State Drivers license. **A Valid State ID *Valid Passport *Valid Military ID

(A)  Non US Citizen - *Resident Alien Card *Valid passport *Valid Visa *Matricula Consular

(Q)  What kind of secondary identification can I use?

(A)  *Social security cards *Prior year tax return *Health insurance card *Utility bills *W2's *Medical bills *Voters registration *Property tax bill *Student ID card *Firearm license *Certified birth certificate *Employer ID card *Married certificate *Divorced degree *Vehicle registration *Work visa *Government or benefit check *Prof of vehicle insurance *Social Security award letter *Benefits card 

***Only ID's from these lists can be used. **Any noticeably altered ID's cannot be used. **Expired ID's cannot be used ***If DOB, Name, Address or SS number does not match what is entered on the application, the ID can not be used.